State's gasoline cost second-lowest in U.S.

Jan 10, 2013 McClatchy Newspapers

CHEYENNE -- It's a good time to be a motorist in Wyoming, with the Cowboy State enjoying some of the cheapest gasoline in the nation.

With a statewide price average of $2.915 for a gallon of regular unleaded, Wyoming currently has the second-lowest gas prices in the United States, just behind Utah's average of $2.90 per gallon.

In cities along the Interstate 80 corridor, prices are even lower. In Cheyenne, the citywide average is $2.719 per gallon, nearly a dollar less than motorists are currently paying in Connecticut, which has the most expensive gas in the lower 48 states. Laramie's average is $2.74.

In fact, while gas prices are still well above $3 per gallon across most of the United States, the Rocky Mountain region has been seeing significantly lower prices. That's in part due to large inventories, good supply routes, low gasoline taxes and the best refining capacity in the nation.

"One of the things we see, since we're inland states, we often see lower prices for the crude that we access," said Kaelyn Kelly, a spokeswoman for AAA MountainWest, which covers Montana, Alaska and Wyoming. "If you're on a coast, the crude you have access to is traded on the global market. Being an inland state, it's often traded domestically, and it's less affected by international things that happen."

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