Grant would improve Hines Store sewer line

Mar 4, 2012 By Martin Reed, Staff Writer

Fremont County commissioners on Feb. 21 endorsed a grant application to the Wyoming Business Council that would help fund a sewer line extension in the area of Hines General Store in Fort Washakie.

Commissioners approved submitting the community development block grant application valued at up to $200,000 to build 750 feet of sewer line around the intersection of Highway 287 and Ethete Road.

Matching funds for the project will come from the tribal Shoshone Utilities Organization and Western American Development Corp.

The Shoshone Utilities Organization will own and maintain the sewer line after construction ends.

The Wyoming Secretary of State's Office lists Western American Development Corp. as a profit entity in Fort Washakie with Donald Hines as the registered agent.

Hines General Store's Dave Hines told commissioners the grant application would "address the septic system problem on the property owned by the Hines family and Western."

Hines said the sewer extension would travel underneath Highway 287 from the Frank B. Wise Business Plaza west to Trout Creek Road.

"This is basically part two to that project," Hines said of the development of the Frank B. Wise building. "Initially they had intended to take that (sewer line) across the street."

The grant funding if awarded by the Wyoming Business Council would not pay for connecting homes in the area to the extended sewer line.

The application mirrors an attempt by the parties last August to obtain Wyoming Business Council funding to extend the sewer line that would serve four businesses in the Hines complex at the intersection.

Hines said the issue last time that resulted in abandoning the grant application involved a discrepancy with financial documentation concerning what the business owners needed to provide to the state.

"It was never submitted based on a lack of information on our part," he said.

Owners of the Hines business complex said they would pursue private funding to extend the sewer infrastructure following the abandoned application process.

However, the plan returned to the commissioners for their approval of submitting the grant application that involves the Wind River Development Fund in Fort Washakie as the sub-recipient of the funding and the project manager.

Fremont County Deputy Treasurer Jim Massman said the Wind River Development Fund would be responsible for managing and administering the grant.

"They would seek reimbursement from us. We would in turn seek reimbursement from the Wyoming Business Council," Massman said.

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