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Is Legislature out to get Hill because she's a woman?

Jan 23, 2013 - Renee Rhoads, Riverton


I guess our Wyoming legislators who want to take away all power from the state superintendent of public instruction don't realize that the Wyoming Department of Education had the worst possible reputation of any department of state government when Jim McBride was the superintendent.

There were some good people there in the department, no doubt about it. But the overall reputation of that department was just awful.

People on the "inside" told me horror stories about how they were treated when they called that office or needed help. And on the "outside," we had become a laughing stock because of the stupid PAWS test that was screwed up year after year. It was embarrassing.

From how I see it, Cindy Hill has solved both those problems.

I am not a school teacher, but I know some as friends, and they tell me the situation "in Cheyenne" at the state office is miles and miles better than it was before Cindy Hill was elected to her office.

(I don't interact with that department in any way, but this is what I am told.)

As far as the PAWS test in concerned, it doesn't make the news anymore over how inaccurate or technically flawed it is. I don't think they ever got it done right before Cindy Hill came in, did they? Now it looks like the kids just take the test and get on with school.

The bill in the Legislature to wreck the state superintendent's position is completely out of line and uncalled for.

I don't know if it's because Cindy Hill is a woman who "talked back" to the wrong male legislator at the wrong time, but this looks to me for all the world like a bunch of grumpy old men ganging up on a woman who won't follow all their orders.

Some "Equality State," we've got here. She was elected just like they were.

Can this still be stopped? I think everybody should e-mail or phone the legislators and tell them to knock it off.

And if the legislators do go ahead and wreck things, I bet it will come back to bite them in the future.

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