Two championships for Dubois wrestlers in Thermop

Jan 23, 2013 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Dubois High School wrestlers Sterling Baker and Cody Flynn dominated their weight classes to win individual titles Saturday at the Bobcat Invitational in Thermopolis.

At 195 pounds, Baker won three straight pins on his way to a championship. In the finals, Baker pinned Spencer Redland from Greybull/Riverside in a time of 4:41.

Flynn pinned Nash Jolley from Lovell in the semifinals at the 220-pound class in a time of 2:33. Flynn pinned Quinten Edeler from Columbus, Mont., in 2;40.

Wind River paced the Fremont County schools in the team standings with a sixth-place finish (112 points) in the 14-team field.

Dubois was ninth scoring 66 points. The Riverton JV finished 10th at 62.5 points and Wyoming Indian was 13th (41 points).

The Star Valley junior varsity team took the team title putting up 220 points. Lovell finished second at 175 points.

Wind River, Dubois and Shoshoni High School are all planning on wrestling at the Greybull/Riverside tournament Saturday.

Fremont County wrestling results from Thermopolis

Team standings

1. Star Valley JV, 220; 2. Lovell, 175; 3. Columbus, 154; 4. Kemmerer, 127; 5. Greybull/Riverside, 124; 6. Wind River, 112; 7. Thermopolis, 96.5; 8. Pinedale, 78; 9. Dubois, 66; 10. Riverton JV, 62.5; 11. Mountain View, 53; 12. Big Piney, 44; 13. Wyoming Indian, 41;


145 pounds --John Bartlett, Dubois, pinned Joey Martinez, Columbus; Hryum Hopkin, Lovell, pinned Bartlett, 3:29; Bartlett dec. Jake Taylor, Star Valley JV, 7-0; Bartlett dec. Cole Hill, Greybull/Riverside, 16-12. Bartlett placed third.

170 pounds --Tom Bertstein, Greybull/Riverside, pinned Rowan Hawk, Dubois, 4:18; Griffin Lusty, Star Valley JV, dec. Hawk, 7-2. Hawk didn't place. 195 pounds --Sterling Baker, Dubois, pinned Max Gardner, Star Valley JV, :27 seconds; Baker pinned Logan Welch, Kemmerer, 2:38; Baker pinned Spencer Redland, Greybull/Riverside, 4:41. Baker placed first.

220 pounds --Cody Flynn, Dubois, pinned Nash Jolley, Lovell, 2:33; Flynn pinned Quinten Edeler, Columbus, 2:40. Flynn placed first.

Wind River

106 pounds --Keneen Pfisterer, Wind River pinned Garrett Lee, Columbus, 1:38; Julia Long, Mountain View, major dec. Pfisterer, 17-6; Pfisterer dec. Coulton Hinschi, Star Valley JV, 6-4; Brigg Hoopes, Star Valley JV, dec. Pfisterer, 4-0. Pfisterer placed fourth.

113 pounds --Zak Rose, Wind River, pinned Dustin Jakobsen, Pinedale, 3:36; Rose dec. Trevor LaRose, Star Valley JV, 7-5; Jarrett Daugherty, Star Valley JV, dec. Rose, 8-2. Rose placed second.

132 pounds --Jordan Martin, Wind River, dec. Chance Amos, Big Piney, 19-12; Hunter Meier, Columbus, pinned Martin, 1:36; Triston Wilson, Pinedale, pinned Martin, :45 seconds. Martin didn't place.

138 pounds --Dalton Perkins, Wind River, pinned Peng Tianming, Star Valley JV, :35 seconds; Perkins dec. Jesus Burgos, Greybull/Riverside, 8-3; Zack Larson, Thermopolis, pinned Perkins, 3:52; Garrett Chadwick, Star Valley JV, dec. Perkins, 11-8; Jesus Burgos, Greybull/Riverside pinned Perkins, 1:14. Perkins placed sixth.

145 pounds --Hryum Hopkin, Lovell, dec. Kris Justice, Wind River, 7-4; Justice pinned Jordan Whitson, Riverton JV, 4:14; Justice pinned Joey Martinez, Columbus, 2:48; Cole Hill,Greybull/Riverside, pinned Justice 4:19; Jake Taylor, Star Valley JV major dec. Justice, 8-0. Justice placed sixth.

152 pounds --Alex Collver, Wind River, pinned Danner Shreve, Star Valley, JV, 4:47; Collver dec. Rylee Roberts, Kemmerer, 3-0; Jacob Shumway, Star Valley JV, pinned Collver, 3:20. Collver placed second.

195 pounds --Jack Noe, Wind River, pinned Herme Mendez, Greybull/Riverside, 4:29; Noe pinned Austin Lewis, Pinedale, :30 seconds; Spencer Redland, Greybull/Riverside, pinned Noe, :33 seconds; Noe dec. Herme Mendez, Greybull/Riverisde, 4-0; Logan Welch, Kemmerer pinned Noe, 3:00. Noe placed fourth.

285 pounds --Charles Oldman, Wind River, pinned Milton Trosper, Wyoming Indian, 3:35; Oldman pinned David Romero, Riverton JV, 5:30; Jacob Asay, Lovell, pinned Oldman, 5:31. Oldman placed second.

Riverton JV

120 pounds --Oscar Maruffo, Riverton JV, dec. Marshall Gibbs, Greybull/Riverside, 7-5 OT; Jake Hall, Columbus, pinned Maruffo, 1:11; Kyle Bonner, Mountain View, dec. Maruffo, 7-1, Maruffo didn't place.

132 pounds --Hank Osborne, Riverton JV, pinned Samuel Semadeni, Star Valley JV, 2:35; Osborne, tech fall. Jase Hyde, Pinedale, 13-6; Hunter Meier, Columbus, pinned Osborne, 2:28; Osborne, dec. Tanner Commerer, Big Piney, 9-3; Joseph Nield, Star Valley JV, pinned Osborne, 1:25. Osborne placed fourth.

132 pounds --Joseph Nield, Star Valley JV, pinned Colt Connely, Riverton JV, 1:45; Samuel Semadeni, Star Valley JV, dec. Connely, 7-6. Connely didn't place.

132 pounds --Austin Locker, Riverton JV, pinned Tristan Wilson, Pinedale, :34; Hunter Meier, Columbus, pinned Locker, 1:06; Locker pinned isaiah Walston, Columbus, 2:51; Ben Crosby, Thermopolis, dec. Locker, 10-5.

138 pounds --Steven Reinig, Riverton JV, pinned Harrison Edmunds, Big Piney, 1:20; Zack Larson, pinned Reinig, 1:45; Reinig, tech fall. Kellan Krakosky, JV, 17-2; Jesus Burgos, Greybull/Riverside, dec. Reinig, 5-2. Reinig didn't place.

145 pounds --Justin Meier, Columbus, pinned Eddie Schells, Riverton JV, 1:49; Jake Taylor, Star Valley JV, pinned Schells, :55 seconds. Schells didn't place.

145 pounds --Jake Taylor, pinned Jordan Whitson, Riverton JV, :54 seconds; Kris Justice, Wind River pinned Whitson, 4:41. Whitson didn't place.

160 pounds --Chris Holcomb, Riverton JV, pinned Johnathan Burrows, Thermopolis, 2:40; Luke Zeller, Greybull/Riverside, pinned Holcomb,5:31; Holcomb pinned Braydon Beer, Columbus, 2:33; Grady Austin, Star Valley JV, major dec. Holcomb, 14-2; Zeke Collins, pinned Holcomb, 3:44. Holcomb placed sixth.

170 pounds --Kyle Page, Riverton JV,tech fall. Jarrod Johnson, Greybull/Riverside, 17-2; Jacob Beck, Lovell, pinnedPage, 1:46; Griffin Lusty, Star Valley JV, dec. Page, 15-11; Pge pinned Tom Bernstein, Greybull/Riverside, :31 seconds. Page placed fifth.

285 pounds --Charles Oldman, Wind River, pinned David Romero, Riverton JV, 5:03; Romero pinned Kyle Sheperd, Thermopolis, :46 seconds; Milton Trosper, Wyoming Indian. pinned Riverton JV, 1:49. Romero placed fourth.

Wyoming Indian

152 pounds --Rylee Roberts, Kemmerer, pinned Jesse Moss, Wyoming Indian, 2:40; Moss pinned Samuel Robbins, Star Valley JV, 1:34; Moss pinned Justice Fisher, Big Piney, 1:53; Rylee Roberts, Kemmerer, pinned Moss, 2:30; Moss pinned Anthony Eibert, Greybull/Riverside, 2:31. Moss placed fifth.

152 pounds --Anthony Eibert, Greybull/Riverside. pinned Shadow White, Wyoming Indian, 132; Jacob Winterholler, Lovell, pinned Shadow WHite, Wyoming Indian, 2:18. White didn't place.

160 pounds --Bryan Guzman, Star Valley JV, pinned Bobby Goodnight, Wyoming Indian, 1:01; Brady Beer, Columbus, pinned Goodnight, :16. Goodnight didn't place.

220 pounds --Zane Edeler, Greybull/Riverside, pinned Jose Gonzalos, Wyoming Indian, 1:26; Gonzalos pinned Chase Meeker, Big Piney, :52 seconds; Nash Jolley, Lovell, pinned Gonzalos, 2:04; Zane Edeler, Greybull/Riverside, pinned Gonzalos, 2:06. Gonzalos placed sixth.

285 pounds --Charles Oldman, Wind River, pinned Milton Trosper, Wyoming Indian; Trosper pinned Cody Manhard, Mountain View, 1:47; Trosper pinned David Romero, Riverton JV, 1:49. Trosper placed third.

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