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Giving help to a mom with two kids was the right thing to do

Mar 6, 2012 By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

The woman from Sheridan was shocked after her encounter with the boys from the Riverton High School swim team recently.

Riverton's team was in Sheridan a few weeks ago and, after their meet, the teenage swimmers trekked to a restaurant to grab some grub. You know how high school kids are. They were ready to eat.

The Sheridan resident also was coming to eat at the same restaurant with her two children and thought, "Oh great, high school boys going into the place I am about to eat. This should be a less than enjoyable time (note the sarcasm)."

We all think that.

The boys hopped off the bus and headed in, the Sheridan woman and her children trailing behind.

After the Riverton swimmers were inside, the woman approached the front door, and a swimmer from Riverton noticed, opened the door, and told his teammates that she and the kids were coming through.

"That boy was kind," the woman thought, still not looking forward to going through a buffet line with a bunch of high school kids and her kids fighting for the dinner rolls.

After everyone was settled, the Riverton kids and the Sheridan mom headed to fill their plates.

Then the help came.

"I was shocked at how many of them offered to help scoop something up and help me since I had been filling three plates for myself and kids," she wrote.

Nice work, boys, but we learned you weren't done.

"Later, after they had all eaten, I had gone up to get some ice cream, and another boy was so kind to let my child who was overly excited about getting ice cream cut in front of him," the Sheridan woman said.

Our Wolverines are kids, really, but this group of young men conducted themselves in a way that makes us proud. Way to go, fellas.

To act in a way that generates a nice, complimentary letter to Riverton's school administrators about your conduct is pretty cool.

Usually the letters are written when we don't act so well.

The Sheridan letter-writer concluded with, " I want to say what a great group of boys you have there and how much I appreciate how awesome they were that night!"

Let's not forget about the coaches here. We usually just see the coaches at games or meets, maybe at a practice or two, but we should remember that our coaches have the responsibility for our athletes; conduct on the bus, at dinner and in the hotel.

Nice work, Jay Dayton, Shay Boyle and Jessica Fruhwirth.

And it's not just the swimmers who have conducted themselves with distinction this winter.

I don't think anyone can challenge the good conduct of the RHS girls basketball team, especially with the trials that this season presented them.

Riverton boys coach Dick Quayle asks that his basketball players dress up when they travel. So does Ron Porter, the girls coach. Call me a dinosaur, but I like that. I remember clearly when my kids were playing a few years ago, and Riverton's team was sitting next to a team from another Wyoming town in the gym at the Green River basketball tournament. Their kids were in shirts and ties, and our kids were dressed in un-tucked shirts and funky sideways-pointing hats. It made an impression on me.

"We have expectations, and our kids are good about understanding that they represent our school and our community," coach Porter said.

Nice to see things have changed.

The basketball players and the wrestlers, coached by Jay Galey, all have won sportsmanship awards from the Wyoming High School Activities Association along with four that the swimmers were recognized for this winter.

Wins and losses in the official record book are remembered, but teams, and apparently moms with kids, remember the wins and losses off the court too.

Have a great sports week. Go Big Red!

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