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High rents contribute to poverty and homelessness

Feb 3, 2013 - Nancy and Lloyd Eckstein, Riverton


As people who work with feeding the low income in Fremont County, we have seen a sad trend starting.

Landlords who have put rent up so high that our homeless rate is increasing.

We are a county with high un-employment and high poverty base.

With rent being an average for a two- bedroom mobile home of $800 a month, it has forced several families to squish themselves in the small place just to keep a roof over their heads.

With the new companies supposed to be coming in, soon we will be seeing another jump in rent.

Two adults working minimum wage job can not make rent let alone pay the increasing utilities bill.

Add our high gasoline prices, and we wonder why so many in our county are in poverty?

Please think about our fellow humans and what we are all facing with the rising cost of our economy.

All the free places for folks to get food are quickly running out.

We need the community to continue supporting all of us

Please think about others.

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