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GED and other programs would be beneficial at county jail

Feb 6, 2013 - Sara Lujan, Fremont County Detention Center, Lander


I am an inmate at the Fremont County Detention Center, and I am writing in regards to the lack of programs there are currently at FCDC.

I am hoping for the help from the community so the inmates have the option while incarcerated to better themselves.

Ninety percent of the inmates are without their GED, and that 90 percent also have children to provide for. Having a GED program along with self-help programs such as Thinking for a Change, critical thinking and N.A. group would really give young parents and other inmates a chance to turn their lives around and a chance to better themselves.

I truly believe there's hope for our youth and out community. I feel like a good place to start on "change" is in here, in FCDC, while people such as myself are clear-minded, sober, and away from outside influence.

Providing programs such as GED, N.A. and Thinking for a Change will help lower the crime rate in Fremont County.

I truly believe encouragement and support will make a big difference. The system is supposed to help us not enable us.

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