Sheriff mum on details of big search near Ethete

Mar 8, 2012 By Christina George, Staff Writer

Fremont County Sheriff Skip Hornecker confirmed that multiple agencies launched an investigation Tuesday at a residence on the Wind River Indian Reservation, but authorities were tight-lipped about the details.

"We are working a search warrant for an investigation," Hornecker said Tuesday. "We started to execute the search warrant (Monday)."

The search apparently continued into Wednesday.

Hornecker said he could not confirm what case was being investigated.

Eyewitnesses observed law enforcement vehicles parked at a house near the intersection of Plunkett Road and 17 Mile Road near the town of Ethete.

He said he was unsure when the search would be completed.

"It's hard to say. It depends on weather conditions and what they find," the sheriff said, adding that he anticipates releasing more information later this week.

The sheriff's office, the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs and other agencies are investigating, Hornecker said.

Because the Wind River Indian Reservation is under federal jurisdiction, the FBI typically is involved with investigations. However, that is not the case with the current situation.

This case appears to be in Fremont County‚ control, said FBI media coordinator Dave Joly.

"They would have to comment on the case," Joly said.

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