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Enforce existing speed limit before lowering it

Mar 8, 2013 - Clyde Johnson, Riverton


This letter is written in response the the letter about changing the speed limit north of Riverton on Highway 789 near the Honor Farm Road intersection.

Lowering the speed limit at Burma Road to 45 miles per hour, then lowering it again to 30 miles per hour as you get closer to town, will not do any good if the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Fremont County Sheriff's Office and/or the City of Riverton do not start enforcing the speed limit.

It is not enforced very well even as it exists at present. As it is now, the 30 mile per hour zone starts shortly after honor Farm Road as you come into town. But no one slows down until they get to Kmart.

A few speeding tickets in that area would do a lot more good than changing the speed limit signs farther out on the highways.

A little bit of speed enforcement would get a lot more results.

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