Teton Therapy guides patients through Affordable Care Act Ch

Mar 14, 2013 Staff

Teton Therapy is helping patients overcome new changes being implemented by the Affordable Care Act by guiding patients through treatment options and providing valuable resources to lower the out-of-pocket costs.

Jeff McMenamy, owner of Teton Therapy, a physical, occupational and hand therapy clinic with locations in Riverton, Lander and Dubois, is advising Medicare patients to be aware of the new healthcare changes that may directly affect them, such as therapy caps and increased costs per visit. Based on his experience, McMenamy says that his patients don't understand the hidden costs they may encounter. Teton is taking action and helping patients learn, embrace, and deal with the ACA.

Three new provisions of the ACA now in effect: One addresses Medicaid programs covering preventive care; another increases Medicaid payments to primary care doctors; and another, a pilot program called "bundling," provides a flat rate to hospitals, doctors and medical providers for services rendered. In 2013, the annual Medicare therapy cap amount is $1,900 for physical therapy.

One of the most crucial ways of cutting costs for patients is eliminating time spent in the clinic. McMenamy and his staff are working towards promoting an efficient yet effective clinic in a variety of ways.

"Patients will need to get better faster,"R00;he said.

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