Committee recommends uses for 1 percent tax money

Mar 20, 2013 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The Riverton Fix Our Roads Citizen Committee held its first organizational meeting this month at Riverton City Hall.

The committee will work closely to provide recommendations on roads to be repaired in the city.

Group members were chosen previously by Mayor Ron Warpness. They include former Riverton Mayor John Vincent, Community Entry Services designer Garry Burnette, and residents Betty Malicki, Garland Samuelson, Art Dykeman, Wendell Manka, Frank Tanner, Kelly Kershisnik and Mike McDonald. Manka was voted chairman of the committee. Samuelson is the vice-chairman.

Members expressed gratitude for being part of the committee and promised to work diligently to start making improvements as soon as possible.

"My desire to serve on this committee is to see that the roads all around town are included in this," Dikeman said. "And that the citizens see that every one of their dollars that they spend for this is spent on the roads."

Funds for these improvements will come from the optional 1 percent tax that will go into effect April 1. The city should receive revenue from the tax beginning in June.

Warpness was optimistic the citizens will approve the tax again in four years if all goes well.

"We're hoping that this will be a foundation so that when we come back in four years and the tax is brought back before the public that we can have a good track record of how that money was spent," Warpness said.

"And that we did exactly what we promised the citizens that we would do."

Directed by Warpness and public services director Bill Urbigkit, the committee members at the meeting discussed basic philosophy, strategies and a list of current projects.

The size of projects, funding, and hiring of contractors and engineers for the projects also was addressed.

FORCC will be setting up phone, email and public meeting outlets to accept public input as they put their ideas together.

The committee will meet twice a month on Monday mornings at City Hall.

"The best that could happen is if we could get this renewed in four years, there's a lot of great things that can come from one more penny," Samuelson said.

The committee also will exchange information and ideas and incorporate expert advice from the Technical Advisory Committee.

This committee, formed by city staff, is made up of representatives from Optimum, Century Link, WyDOT, Source Gas, the Riverton Valley Irrigation District, Rocky Mountain Power, city staff, and the police department to assist FORCC.

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