More needs to be done at Honor Farm intersection

Mar 20, 2013 Charla Dodge, Riverton


The Honor Farm intersection is a major issue that needs to be addressed properly.

A dear friend of mine recently was injured severely there. Another poor individual was injured not too long before that and ended up rolling into a hay field on the other side of the highway.

How many people do we need to witness being injured or even worse, a fatality?

This intersection had flashing lights installed, but it has not helped the situation. Nor has the lighting to make the intersection "visible."

What would it take for these flashing lights to be changed into actual traffic lights?

Reduce the speed and put in a traffic light. It couldn't hurt the situation.

I am a mother, and every day we have to face the scariest intersection in Riverton to get to school and from.

I pray that others in the community will speak up with me so we can resolve this scary intersection and its problems that has been ongoing for many years.

We are reminded each day with the roadside memorials to those who weren't able to survive.

Please help me, citizens.

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