Mosho's memory of fatal wreck 'cloudy'

Mar 21, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Woman pleads guilty to one count of aggravated homicide in the Dec. 5 death of Michelle Littleshield.

Alma Louise Mosho says she does not remember much about the night she allegedly struck and killed Michelle Littleshield, 35, of St. Stephen's, in the parking lot of the Rezeride Roadhouse Saloon west of Kinnear.

"I remember arriving at the bar and having some drinks with some friends," Mosho said Wednesday during her change of plea hearing in the 9th Judicial District Court of Fremont County in Lander. "That's when it gets a little cloudy. I don't remember leaving the bar (or) the incident."

Mosho initially was charged with two counts of aggravated homicide by vehicle for the Dec. 3 collision, but through her agreement with the state, she pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of aggravated homicide by vehicle and one count of driving or having control of a vehicle while under the influence.

The state has agreed to ask for a sentence of 10-20 years for the aggravated homicide by vehicle charge and a sentence of time served for driving under the influence.

Dec. 3

Deputy Fremont County attorney Ember Oakley said Mosho's blood-alcohol content was measured at .16 at the scene of the accident. Mosho said she had been drinking beer and mixed drinks, but she could not recall how much she had imbibed.

Mosho's lawyer Devon Petersen of Lander said his client was in Fremont County visiting relatives.

"I believe they began to drink before they went to the bar," Petersen said. "Mosho (got) into a bit of an argument with some friends she was there with."

According to Petersen, Mosho left the bar and got into her 2002 silver Nissan Altima, striking another vehicle on her way out of the parking lot. He said she returned to the scene and saw a crowd of people gathered around the vehicle she had struck, and she attempted to leave the scene. That's when he said she struck Littleshield.

Relatives of Littleshield were present in the courtroom, and they comforted one another when Oakley added to Petersen's description of the events.

"(Mosho) hit Ms. Littleshield ... then she drug her," Oakley said. "The victim was trying to get out from underneath the vehicle."

According to an affidavit by Fremont County Sheriff's deputy Eric Granlund, a witness to the incident observed Littleshield climbing from under the suspect vehicle before Mosho reportedly backed over Littleshield's "head area." The witness reported that Mosho then traveled forward, again running over Littleshield's head area.

"The suspect drove her vehicle a number of times through the now crowded west parking lot of the bar in a circular pattern at a high rate of speed," Granlund wrote. "While doing so the suspect hit a fence and pipe guard rail before leaving the west parking lot and driving to the driveway of the east parking lot."

Eventually, Mosho left the area traveling eastbound on U.S. Highway 26. About 20 minutes later, she was stopped by a Wind River Police Department officer on Wyoming Highway 132. The officer said Mosho was the sole occupant and operator of the car, which bore damage consistent with reports from witnesses at the Rezeride. The WRPD arrested Mosho at that time for driving under the influence of alcohol, but she was extradited from the Wind River Indian Reservation the next day.

Though Mosho does not have a specific memory of the incident, Petersen said she does not dispute the allegations against her. Ninth Judicial District Court Judge Marvin L. Tyler of Pinedale accepted Mosho's guilty pleas Tuesday, but he said he has not yet decided whether to accept the plea agreement.

"I need more information," he said, mentioning his desire for more investigation into the incident, and a drug evaluation for Mosho, who answered his questions quietly with, "Yes, your honor," and, "No, your honor" throughout the proceedings.

Tyler said he would make his decision on the plea agreement within the coming weeks. If the court rejects the agreement, Mosho can withdraw her plea and the state can proceed with the prosecution of all charges against her.

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Alma Louise Mosho

Alma Louise Mosho

Alma Louise Mosho

Alma Louise Mosho

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