Column was funny, but loose pets are no laughing matter

Mar 21, 2013 Vonda Huish, Riverton


I laughed at Clair McFarland's article "Thanks to the mean dogs." However, it really is no laughing matter. The loose dog and cat problem continues to grow, and owners are totally oblivious to it.

Over the past five years many of my neighbors have shown no care, or responsibility, for their animals. They have more dogs than a small yard can handle -- as the smell attests to. Their dogs are left outside to bark endlessly, their cats to roam at will (the male cats spray everything in sight and the smell is next to impossible to eliminate).

We do not have a newspaper carrier in my neighborhood because it is well known that several of the homes harbor loose, biting dogs.

You think I am a "jerk" neighbor for calling the police to enlighten you to the fact that while you are sitting in your house, your dog(s) have been barking for at least an hour. Do you not hear them, or do you just not care?

Many of us live very close together, and it is impossible to escape these problems from uncaring and/or inattentive pet owners. My policy has always been to be as considerate of my neighbors as possible. It is a shame it is not returned. To my neighbors, -please know that I will no longer live next to barking dogs or put up with roaming cats (yes, I know it is a cat's nature to roam, but it is your cat, keep it indoors). Attend to your animals, or I will continue to be a "jerk."

My apologies to our police officers, I know you have more pressing matters than having to continually answer such complaints. I simply see no other way to deal with it as the days of knocking on a neighbors' door to speak to them of a problem are long gone. Know that I appreciate your time and effort.

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