Gillette game 'can never be taken away' from Wolverines

Mar 22, 2013 Felicia Mallore Denver


I was in Casper on March 15 and watched the Riverton Wolverines play the Gillette Camels for the semifinals in the Class 4-A state basketball tournament.

I should say here that I was at the tournament to watch Casper Kelly Walsh and I hadn't ever seen a Riverton game before. I live in Colorado now and I didn't really care who won, but I am like a lot of people in Wyoming in that I root for whoever is playing against Gillette -- not in a bad way, but just to root for the underdog.

Anyway, the comeback that your Riverton kids made against big, bad Gillette was the most exciting and entertaining basketball game I think I ever saw. It was truly incredible.

I was not sitting in the Gillette section or the Riverton section of fans, but where I was sitting there were Casper, Evanston and Cheyenne fans watching the games that evening, and I can tell you for certain that everyone around where I was sitting was cheering for Riverton to win.

I did not see the state championship game the next day, but I saw that Riverton lost by four points to Evanston. That must have been hard to take, but you'll always have that Gillette game. It can never be taken away. I am very glad I was there to see it happen.

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