Consider a rec center on Major land instead of a justice center

Mar 26, 2013 Stephanie S. Reed-Tippets, Riverton


I am writing this letter to propose putting a rec center and a convention center on the property on Major Ave.I feel that the land should be for something useful and not for a jail. Having a rec center and a convention center would put Riverton at the state of the arts with the rest of the state.

The size of the property could handle both facilities, and the traffic routes would not need to be widened.

Having a rec center with an indoor track, maybe an Olympic-size pool, and other small amenities like a bowling alley, miniature golf, indoor tennis, would make our town very attractive to visitors. The rec center would also benefit our growing senior population.They would feel safe walking on an indoor track, and having water aerobics any time of the day.The younger generation would enjoy the benefits of leagues, and learning new sports.I had one growing up in my town in Wyoming, and I loved going there.

Of course having an convention center or an event center where we the people could have indoor concerts in case of inclement weather, or big trade shows,a chili cook off and others since the list could go on.This center would be great for some types of sporting events, and even it could be used for some events for the fair.

Think about it, wouldn't it be nice not to have the sun in your eyes for concerts? Of course, we could have concerts indoors year round with no confusing parking.

I feel that if I don't speak up and suggest these ideas, that maybe no one else will. I know others think this is a good idea, and just think our kids in our community could have a place to exercise and enjoy other kids friendships.

The seniors will have a safe environment, and I feel it would be a great place to go walking. It is a win-win situation. Please just don't let it go to the county for something that wouldn't benefit or make our community shine.The property should be a place that makes us happy to live here, and not be a place we dread driving by.

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