Fort Washakie schools plan advances

Mar 11, 2012 By Martin Reed, Staff Writer

The group charged with determining whether to pass along Fremont County School District 21's proposal to become a kindergarten-through-12th-grade school system will meet in Fort Washakie this month.

The Fremont County Boundary Board consisting of the five commissioners along with assessor Tara Berg and treasurer Scott Harnsberger will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. on March 26 at Fort Washakie School's cafeteria.

District 21 superintendent Richard McClements in a letter dated Feb. 27 to the boundary board requested the hearing.

Sometime after the meeting in Fort Washakie, the boundary board will convene to determine whether to send the district's proposal to the Wyoming Board of Education for its ultimate approval.

The Fort Washakie district consists of kindergarten-through-eighth-grade classes, plus the charter high school that offers education from ninth through 12th grades.

Unification would increase the amount of funding the Fort Washakie school district receives from the state for general operations.

The district is one of two that are not unified in Wyoming, with the other being Fremont County School District 38 in Arapahoe.

Accompanying McClements's letter was a petition signed by 100 registered voters in the district that Wyoming statutes require to advance the unification process.

McClements in the letter stated the district meets the required 500 students enrolled from grades kindergarten through 12th grade to achieve unification.

He told the boundary board members on March 6 the proposal is halting progress on a new institution in Fort Washakie.

"The state doesn't want to do a site analysis until this unification process has been determined," McClements said at the commission's meeting in Lander.

The public hearing later this month will allow the unification proposal, if approved, to reach the state board of education for its meeting in late April.

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