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First order of business for 1 percent money: potholes

Mar 29, 2013 - Jim Calyer, Riverton


Here is my advice on the first order of business in spending money from the 1 percent sales tax when it kicks in next month.

One word: potholes.

Start with the potholes and go from there.

Take the truck around and find the holes that have been causing damages to cars and getting worse day by day and year by year. And don't forget the alleys downtown. Some of those are like small ponds, they are so big.

I would say that if there is one thing that has ticked off more people than anything else about our streets, this is the one. The city knows it.

Fix them first and show everybody that this money is going to a very good cause right off the bat. Prove to us that this money can be used the right way from the beginning. One word: Potholes.

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