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Good weather, good performances at WR track

Mar 29, 2013 By Randy Tucker, Sports Writer

PAVILLION -- Weather for the 54th Wind River Track Invitational will be ranked among the best ever to bless a March track meet in Wyoming. With temperatures in the mid 60s, on a windless day under a clear sky, 13 boys and girls teams qualified individual athletes and relay teams in droves for the state championships.

The Thermopolis girls took the meet with 120 points, but a short-handed Shoshoni team made a strong statement for third with 79 points.

On the boys side, the home-standing Wind River Cougars edged their Fremont County rivals, the Shoshoni Wranglers, 115 to 105 to win the meet.

With conditions nearly perfect for competition, the meet saw seven girls meet or exceed the qualifying standard set by the Wyoming High School Activities Association for automatic inclusion at the state track meet in May.

Little Snake River freshman Ellie Skateberg blistered the field in the 100-meter dash with a 12.54 finish. Dubois standout Rachelle Leseberg qualified in the 100 hurdles, the high jump and the long jump. Shoshoni freshman Raine Pingetzer cleared 4-10 to qualify in the high jump as well. Thermopolis senior Emily Lesmeister won the triple jump with a leap of 33-8.5 and qualified in that event.

Zariah Tolman won the 100 hurdles and qualified in Class 1-A in the process. Shoshoni's Kolbi Pickinpaugh qualified in the Class 2-A 100-meter hurdles in a preliminary heat with a 17.32 time.

Perhaps the most impressive performance in either division came from Leesa Jensen of Thermopolis where she shattered a 29-year old Bobcat record with a throw of 38-4.

On the boys side, 11 individual standards and two relay standards were met.

Sterling Baker of Dubois is a versatile athlete and qualified in a variety of events. Baker met the mark in the 110-meter hurdles, the 300-meter hurdles and the discus.

Nate Archibald of Kemmerer won the 200 and qualified, as did Ben Gates of Saratoga in the 800.

Wind River senior Jesse Hawk won the 110-meter high hurdles and qualified as well.

The high jump saw three Fremont County athletes meet the mark by clearing 5-10. Shepp Campbell of Wind River, along with Shoshoni's Triston Parrish and Jayden Haslam went 1-2-3 in the event to advance automatically to Casper.

Tyler Rupe and Parrish both qualified in a spirited 400-meter dash.

Omar Bridges of Thermopolis won the long jump with a leap of 21-8.5 and advanced, as did Wind River junior Joe Lupher in the shot put.

Both the Wind River and Shoshoni 4x100-meter relays met the mark in a 1-2 finish in the event.

The Cougar quartet of Hawk, Rupe, Campbell and Dylan Lookingbill won the event in 45.43, while the Shoshoni team of Parrish, Haslam, Mason Steffen and Josh Oaks finished in second with a clocking of 46.24.

Individual winners from Fremont County were Tasha Maddock of Shoshoni in the 800-meter run, and Leseberg in the long jump and high jump.

Lesmeister won the 200, 400 and triple jump, while Jensen won both throwing events to pace Thermopolis.

The Shoshoni 4x400-meter relay team of Maddock, Pingetzer, Natalee Goff and Taylor Robinette won the event in 4:37.12.

In the boys division Lupher won both the throws to pace Wind River. Rupe won the 400 while Hawk took the 110-meter high hurdles. Baker's win in the 300-meter hurdles came with a second place-finish in both the discus and the high hurdles and an eighth in the 100-meter dash.

If there was a newcomer of the year award at the meet it would go to Shoshoni freshman Triston Parrish. He took second in the long jump, the high jump and ran a 52.63 in the 400 to finish second in that event as well. He ran the starting leg of the Wrangler's 4x100-meter relay to round out his effort on the day.

Most Fremont County teams will take the week off and return to competition next Saturday at the annual Roy Peck Invitational in Riverton.

Girls Team Scores: 1. Therm-opolis 120, 2. Kemmerer 79, 3. Shoshoni 76, 4. Rawlins / Hanna Elk Mountain 51, 6. Little Snake River 50, 7. Wyoming Indian / Saratoga 35, 9. Dubois 31, 10. Burlington 28, 11. Wind River 24, 12. Encampment 6

100-meter Dash: 1. Ellie Skateberg, LSR 12.54, 2. Jasmine McGill, WI 13.95, 4. Kolbi Pickinpaugh, SHO 14.00, 6. Rachelle Leseberg, DUB 14.00

200-meter Dash: 1. Emily Lesmeister, THM 28.54, 2. Jasmine McGill, WI 28.77, 6. Jacinta Goggles, WI 30.32

400-meter Dash: 1. Emily Lesmeister, THM 1:04.57, 5. Raine Pingetzer, SHO 1:08.93

800-meter Run: 1. Tasha Maddock, SHO 2:32.83

1600-meter Run: 1. Montana Belford, RAW 5:59.48, 5. Kit Vogel, WR 6:42.42, 8. Loveeda White, WI 6:51.57

3200-meter Run: 1. Jennifer Cramer, THM 13:57.28, 2. Phyllis Gardner, WI 14:53.75, 3. Kiana Wallowing Bull, WI 15:23.27

100-meter Hurdles: 1. Zariah Tolman, BUR 17.62, 2. Rachelle Leseberg, DUB 17.72, 3. Kolbi Pickinpaugh, SHO 17.89

300-meter Hurdles: 1. Kennadi Gilbert, KEM 53.31

4x100-meter Relay: 1. Kemmerer 54.69, 3. Shoshoni 55.70, 6. Wind River 1:05.47

4x400-meter Relay: 1. Shoshoni 4:37.12

4x800-meter Relay: 1. Thermopolis 11:37.92

Long Jump: 1. Rachelle Leseberg, DUB 16-0, 3. Raine Pingetzer, SHO 14-8.25

Triple Jump: 1. Emily Lesmeister, THM 33-8.5, 2. Tasha Maddock, SHO 32-8.5, 5. Natalee Goff, SHO 30-1.5, 6. Katelyn Jennings, SHO 29-8

High Jump: 1. Rachelle Leseberg, DUB 5-0, 2. Raine Pingetzer, SHO 4-10, 7. Jordan O'Neal, WR 4-2

Shot Put: 1. Leesa Jensen, THM 38-4, 3. Natalee Goff, SHO 31-8, 5. Michaun Yellowplume, WR 28-10.5, 7. Megan Longtine, WR 28-5

Discus: 1. Leesa Jensen, THM 97-5, 2. Michaun Yellowplume, WR 92-10, 8. Singing Ouray, WR 74-3

Boys Team Scores: 1. Wind River 115, 2. Shoshoni 105, 3. Rawlins 95, 4. Thermopolis 73, 5. Saratoga 60, 6. Little Snake River 41, 7. Hanna Elk Mountain 31, 8. Dubois 27. 9. Kemmerer 21, 10. Burlington 20, 11.Wyoming Indian 16, 12. St. Stephen's 4, 13. Encampment 1

100-meter Dash: 1. Omar Bridges, THM 11.50, 3. Tyler Rupe, WR 11.74, 4. Jayden Haslam, SHO 11.96, 5. Jesse Hawk, WR 12:03, 8. Sterling Baker, DUB 12.46

200-meter Dash: 1. Matt Archibald, KEM 23.47, 3. Jesse Hawk, WR 23.70, 4. Tyler Rupe, WR 24.20

400-meter Dash: 1. Tyler Rupe, WR 52.26, 2. Triston Parrish, SHO 52.73

800-meter Run: 1. Ben Gates, SAR 2:03.92, 2. Keegan Her Many Horses, WI 2:09.24, 4. Lawry Johnson, SHO 2:12.99, 6. JJ. Crichton, SHO 2:20.68

1600-meter Run: 1. Lawry Johnson, SHO 5:03.39, 6. Caleb C'Bearing, 5. Dustin Blackburn, SS 5:19.47, WR 5:27.988

3200-meter Run: 1. Harley Rhodes, THM 11:05.26, 2. Cori Lamebear, WI 12:04.71, 4. Robert Buline, WR 12:27.37, 6. Dalton Perkins, WR 12:29.36

110-meter High Hurdles: 1. Jesse Hawk, WR 15.78, 2. Sterling Baker, DUB 15.88, 4. Micah Mills, SHO 17.14, 5. Dylan Lookingbill, WR 17.17, 6. Tyler Clemetson, SHO 18.14

300-meter Intermediate Hurdles: 1. Sterling Baker, DUB 42.5, 2. Dylan Lookingbill, WR 42.9, 5. Tyler Clemetson, SHO 43.6, 6. Micah Mills, SHO 43.7, 8. J.D. Jaeger, SHO 43.9

4x100-meter Relay: 1. Wind River 45.43, 2. Shoshoni 46.24

4x400-meter Relay: 1. Saratoga 3:42.06, 2. Shoshoni 3:52.51, 6. Shoshoni (B) 4:00.92, 8. Wind River 4:13.29

4x800-meter Relay: 1. Thermopolis 9:15.56, 5. Wind River 9:59.98

Long Jump: 1. Omar Bridges, THM 21-10.25, 2. Triston Parrish, SHO 19-6, 6. Micah Mills, SHO 18-4.75

Triple Jump: 1. Lucas Randolph, RAW 40-2, 5. Cole Bossert, WR 38-3

High Jump: 1. Shepp Campbell, WR 5-10, 2. Triston Parrish, SHO 5-10, 3. Jayden Haslam, SHO 5-10, 4. Josh Oaks, SHO 5-6

Shot Put: 1. Joe Lupher, WR 44-7.25, 5. Walker Reynolds, SHO 37-9.25, 7. Kaiden Koenig, WR 37-3

Discus: 1. Joe Lupher, WR 127-8, 2. Sterling Baker, DUB 127-3, 4. Jayden Haslam, SHO 119-0.5

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Former Dubois teammates Sterling Baker, left, and Jesse Hawk hurdled in the 110 meter finals Thursday at the Wind River Invitational. Hawk. who now runs for Wind River. won the event in 15.28. Photos by RandyR00;Tucker

Former Dubois teammates Sterling Baker, left, and Jesse Hawk hurdled in the 110 meter finals Thursday at the Wind River Invitational. Hawk. who now runs for Wind River. won the event in 15.28. Photos by RandyR00;Tucker

Former Dubois teammates Sterling Baker, left, and Jesse Hawk hurdled in the 110 meter finals Thursday at the Wind River Invitational. Hawk. who now runs for Wind River. won the event in 15.28. Photos by RandyR00;Tucker

Former Dubois teammates Sterling Baker, left, and Jesse Hawk hurdled in the 110 meter finals Thursday at the Wind River Invitational. Hawk. who now runs for Wind River. won the event in 15.28. Photos by RandyR00;Tucker

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