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Writer's 'paranoia' short on facts and specifics

Apr 4, 2013 - Daniel Talley, Riverton


On Wednesday, March 27, The Ranger printed a letter to the editor by Mary Sue Shoup titled "U.S. being 'shafted' out of its money." In the letter, Ms. Shoup rails against a series of alleged injustices, including, but not limited to, the giving of money to illegal aliens by the federal government and something about military funerals being limited to certain words.

She also suggested that somehow President Obama is responsible for these things. There are no specifics or facts, only a random tirade without context or rationale.

I'm curious as to just where Ms. Shoup got this information. How, exactly, is President Obama conspiring to make it so (in her words) "we won't have a United States soon"? What does this even mean?

Interestingly, giving aid to foreign countries is an American activity that predates Obama's presidency by a hundred years or more, yet this a particular source of anger from Ms. Shoup.

A shining example of U.S. aid was the Marshall Plan of 1947, which financed the recovery of European states devastated by World War II. Again, what specifically is Ms. Shoup referencing?

To me, Ms. Shoup's paranoia is far more frightening than this imaginary conspiracy to bring down America, with Obama being its evil puppetmaster.

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