Exciting year ahead at South Pass City site

Apr 7, 2013 By Bob Snowden, Joe Ellis


We extend an invitation to join the Friends of the South Pass and help us support South Pass City State Historic Site.

The Friends of South Pass is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 1976, dedicated to preserving South PAss City for future generations. The Friends have played a pivotal role in the extraordinary restoration and interpretation at CSouth Pass City, helping to showcase one of the most authentic gold-mining towns in the United States.

The coming year is a very exciting one. The Carissa Mine has been undergoing major restorations. Historic milling equipment has been reinstalled at the Carissa mill house.

For the first time since 1954, the Carissa is complete, but this is no static displays. These massive pieces of machinery will be functional. Visitors will be able to experience, first-hand, the awesome power of a 22,000-pound ball mill, as well as other milling equipment.

Another development is the construction of the Flood & Hindle Mining Trail. R00;This 1.6-mile trails is the first of several walking trails at South Pass City. The FLood & Hindle Trail passes some of the earliest archaeological features at South PAss City and will boast a functioning arrastra -- a waterwheel-driven ore-crushing device.

The Friends of South Pass have several fun events planned to celebrate these major steps in restoration and interpretation. A membership to the Friends will help make use more fun and exciting things happen at South Pass City. Friends of South Pass get special access to the historic site.

Bob Snowden


Friends of South Pass

Joe Ellis


South Pass City

State Historic Site

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