Basketball season was one both to enjoy and remember

Apr 10, 2013 Helen Potts, Riverton


Do you agree we should take a last closing look at the remarkable successful basketball season?

From the first tossup to the final hoop, locals fans have happily crowded into home games as well as games out of town, their days, hours, sometime long minutes given to victory, celebration and to tearful defeats.

Sports editor Bruce Tippets and sports writers Craig Blumenshine and Randy Tucker have written outstanding articles. Their word pictures, comments and assessments, along with the colorful, exciting photos taken by Wayne Nicholls, made the sports section an item to open at once (next to opinion).

The crew then takes these items and gets them ready for printing. With a hubba-hubba of excitement, the printing staff get the section completed. All is ready for Ranger delivery.

Let us pay tribute to the coaches who spend years teaching game skills to students. They also are concerned with students' state of mind, integrity, honesty, respect for others, decency and truth. All are needed for a successful teen-ager's development.

There is a place to recognize cheerleaders, parents, officials, band members, scorekeepers, announcers and groundskeepers. All have a part in athletic activities being enjoyed and attended.

Genuine, sincere appreciation for he 2012-13 season, and promise for positive anticipation for continued, remarkable success in 2013-14.

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