December again

Apr 11, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

When life gives you record snow in April, make a snowman

The sudden revisitation of December in the middle of April has been a shock. We've all been sent scurrying for the snow shovels and putting away the garden gloves.

The backward step from spring to winter hasn't been welcome, but it isn't without some benefits.

The obvious one is a drastic improvement in our stored-water prospects for the summer ahead. Snowfalls were heavy at lower elevations and absolutely massive in the mountains.

The water watchers will have their updated figures on Monday, but it's a sure bet that snowpack numbers that were below average last week will be near or above average next week.

Second, the storm guarantees an interruption in the weird and, to many, disturbing recent trend of an early onset of leaves and flowering trees and shrubs. A year ago today, Riverton's familiar crabapple trees were in full bloom. Normally that doesn't happen until mid-May.

And when warm weather finally does arrive -- which, if the weather forecast is right, won't be for at least another week -- we'll celebrate it in a way we really didn't last year, when April arrived in February and June came in April.

Drivers to work Thursday morning saw snowmen in some yards, bringing an old axiom to mind: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Here's our Fremont County update: If life gives you record snowfall in April, make a snowman. He won't last long, but we'll make the most of him while we've got him.

And, come that sweltering weekend in August, we might look back on this week with more fondness than we think.

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