Deputies report horse tail theft near Pavillion

Apr 17, 2013 From staff reports

Fremont County deputies responded this weekend to reports that a horse tail had been stolen near Pavillion.

The incident comes after a string of similar thefts in the fall of 2012, when officials said a criminal enterprise was operating in Fremont County with the intent to steal horse tails and sell the hair for money. Horse tail thefts were reported during the same timeframe in nearby Natrona and Converse counties.

Officials said this weekend's report is the first they have received this year regarding horse tail thefts.

"We haven't had anything like that reported for several months," Sheriff's Capt. Ryan Lee said. "This is the first one we're aware of since the last recent rash of incidents we had this fall."

The call came in at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday from 41 Angel Lane in Pavillion, where a mare's tail hair reportedly had been cut off. The animal's owner reportedly noticed the damage on Saturday but said the incident could have occurred as early as April 10.

Another horse reportedly was injured on the property, and the reporting party guessed that the suspect could have been chasing the animals. Lee said no proof exists to reinforce that statement however.

"There's a possibility that, as the suspect was trying to catch the mare to cut the tail, that he was running the horses around in the corral perhaps and caused an injury to one of them," Lee said. "But we don't have any way to prove that's what happened."

He asked residents to report any suspicious behavior to the Fremont County Sheriff's Office at 856-7200.

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