Letter writer's 'rant' not based on facts

Apr 17, 2013 Douglas Drachner, Riverton


Don't people who write letters to the editor have any responsibility for getting things correct? In her rant on March 27, Mary Sue Shoup says the word God can't be spoken in certain places. What is she talking about? Where?

Foreign countries not giving us any assistance? If China ever decides to call all of the loans it has given us, we will be on the rocks. They don't do it so far, and that is a big piece of "foreign aid" we should thank our lucky stars we are getting.

As for foreign aid, it really is not that big an amount of money when you look at it. We could eliminate all of it tomorrow and still be in a financial hole, except then we would be in a lot more trouble internationally, too.

And here is the biggest laugh: "everyone is so afraid to speak out against Obama," she wrote. Since when? Again I ask, what is she talking about? Everywhere I go I hear lots of people criticizing Obama. It happens all the time. It sure does happen most on most of the TV cable news, where I am sure Mary Sue Shoup must spend a lot of time, since her letters always repeat what was on TV the night before.

And as for immigration, almost all of the illegals who come to the United States do it so they can work at a job, unlike what Mary Sue Shoup wrote. This is what the new compromise on immigration in Congress is getting at.

Of the two elections, I voted for Obama in one of them. But he got elected in both of them, so there we are. As for the ACLU, it goes after both "liberal" and "conservative" issues, and I'm sure it has argued in some cases that Mary Sue Shoup would agree with. They sure don't have anything like it in Iran or Afghanistan, do they?

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