Lincoln School demolition seems 'fiscally irresponsible'

Apr 18, 2013 Phil and Marilyn Lavoie, Riverton


In reference to your editorial on the Lincoln School demolition in Friday's paper. We couldn't agree with you more.

Firstly we believe that it is fiscally irresponsible to tear down a building that has the ability and capacity to be of good use to our community.

There is always the issue of "TERMITES IN THE GYM AREA," well that has been addressed and the termites have been exterminated. They say the cost of utilities is very high, understandable, that being said, all of our public buildings have a high overhead. A new roof was just put on the gym area a couple of years ago. A new boiler was just installed less than five or six years ago. Those projects both were a considerable expense. The new boiler was supposed to go to the Aspen Park school on completion. Whether or not that happened I can't say. But I doubt it.

Our county government considered the building, which I believe would have been good for the county. But they also turned it down.

Now the school system wants to remodel and expand an existing building at a significant cost to us, the taxpayer.

It seems to me that if they just demolished the north end of the Lincoln School, remodeled the rest, the cost would be a lot less.

The north end, in my understanding, was supposed to be temporary in the first place. It was and is a temporary steel structure. The main part of the building is solid brick.

All of the infrastructure is still in place. Parking, fencing, playground, lunch room, gym, offices, classroom. I would imagine that there are enough classrooms left to accommodate the needs of K-3 children. The location of the school is perfect. We live right to the east of the premises and share a common paved alley which is still being used as a major bus stop.

To waste our money building and or adding on to an existing building to me is totally fiscally irresponsible. I have no idea if that process could be put on hold for further consideration or not. But if there is a chance, I pray that the powers to be would take another look at it and do a strong feasability study.

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