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Was closing school due to storm really necessary?

Apr 19, 2013 - Carol Stern, Riverton


I am wondering why schools had to be closed last week when there was a snowstorm. We have had lots worse storms than that one over the years, and we never closed school then.

By the time word got around that school was being closed the weather was changing and snow was melting very fast. By lunchtime it was almost normal.

It was a surprise to hear school was being closed. I know a lot of people who could not set up child care for the day and had to call in absent from work. I know this is true because I took care of a couple of children that day.

I wonder if maybe school could have just been opened an hour later than normal that day, and we still could have got the school day covered for the most part. Will the missed day from the storm have to made up before school is out?

The point to me is that it is so unusual for school to be canceled that people didn't have any reason to think it would happen that day, and so they weren't ready for it. Do they still do "snow day" drills at schools? Did Wyoming ever do that? When I was a kid in North Dakota we all had snow day drills just like fire drills. Those were some really bad storms, and everything got planned out ahead of time if school had to close.

Someone said it happened here because the administrators are mostly from out of state and didn't know we can handle a snowstorm. Anyway, it was an interesting day but not really necessary in my opinion.

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