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Lindley deserves to get permanent CWC post

Apr 19, 2013 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Shelby Lindley should remain as the Central Wyoming College men's head basketball coach.

CWC is reviewing about 70 applicants for the position. College officials don't need to look far for the right person to stay at the helm of the program.

Lindley has been in the spotlight since he was hired to be the head coach during the month of October.

Lindley first started out the season as an assistant coach for the CWC Rustlers. During preseason practice, Curtis Condie was terminated in October.

Condie did a heck of a job assembling the Rustlers for the 2012-13 season. CWC officials made the right decision and put Lindley in charge of the program for the reminder of the season.

Lindley filled in on interim basis. He did just fine, especially as a 24-year-old head coach. Last week, Lindley said he is the youngest college head coach in America.

All Lindley did was guide the Rustlers to a 23-7 season.

If I was passing out a grade for Lindley's performance, I would give him an A. He handled himself just fine when he was coaching at Rustler Gym. I would say he pushed the right buttons with the right lineup on the basketball court most of the time.

The biggest thing Lindley did was keep the Rustlers together and in contention after Condie left. CWC was one of the top teams in the Region IX North division all year.

He had one of the best tandems in the league in forward Armani Flannigan and point guard Davion Pearson.

Those two had some of the most-electrifying dunks I have seen while being a sports writer.

It also helped having Tanner Newbold drill 3-pointer after 3-pointer. Newbold finished the season with the best 3-point percentage in junior college basketball.

Ryan Thomas and Austin Hudson were forces inside.

I look for a number of those players to announce in the near future what four-year schools they have decided to play for.

The only thing CWC would like to have back are the home losses against Casper College and Sheridan College at Rustler Gym.

Speaking of Casper College, things moved fast on getting a new coach there.

Former Casper College coach Joel Davidson left last week for a basketball job at Northern Colorado.

Davidson had been at Casper College for the past five years. He coached the Thunderbirds to a 24-8 record and a Region IX title this year.

On Monday, Casper College hired Casper native Dan Russell, 27.

So sometimes age doesn't make a difference. It shouldn't in CWC's case.

I'm hoping Russell will be the second-youngest coach in Region IX.

CWC needs to move quickly and make Lindley the head coach right away so he can start putting the pieces together for next season.

He deserves a chance to run the program for a full season. Lindley has a bright future in the coaching ranks.

I really believe someday he will be coaching on the Division I level as either an assistant or head coach.

But his first full-time job for Lindley to be at CWC. He already has something special started.

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