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Obama better not mess with Social Security and Medicare

Apr 24, 2013 - Dan Wimp, Riverton


Obama better quit trying to tweak Social Security and Medicare because it's not his money in the first place. We worked hard through the years for that money. Obama wants to tax the wealthy, that means taxing everyone.

The health insurance goes up because of Obamacare and people afford it especially the elderly. Obama wants more money in his pockets. Obama worries about the other countries and not the U.S. He wants to make the U.S. out of a communist country.

If people were smart they would impeach him. But the people that voted for Obama are too blind to see the truth.

Medicare, Social Security, Obama better leave it alone because it's not his money to mess with. The people that voted for Obama they are too blind to see what he was doing to this country, but of course they are too dumb to understand.

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