Open Lincoln School in short-term to meet state 16:1 mandate

Apr 25, 2013 Gregg Courtnall, Riverton


On the matter of tearing down Lincoln School, everybody knows that parts of it still could be used as classrooms. If this school district is so crowded for space, I don't see why Lincoln can't be opened up again just until the new school is built, as was stated in an editorial.

On top of that, if we still had some local control of schools in this state I bet this would be able to happen just fine. But now that the state has decided it knows better than we do what our local school needs are, there is a very obvious solution for this 16-to-1 student ratio problem.

Even if we had to put kids on a bus for lunch, it would still be cheaper than ripping out more walls at Rendezvous School. And as for p.e., hasn't the gym at Lincoln been repaired?

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