Too many cowards in politics

Apr 28, 2013 Brad Stromme, Worland


Shame on our gutless politicians in the U.S. Congress who are more supportive of the National Rifle Association than they are of the American people.

They buckled in the face of the NRA threats rather than support what about 90 percent of the United States voters wanted.

The NRA threatened to "score" them in the upcoming elections on how they voted on the background checks bill.

Everyone knows what that means: no NRA money to get re-elected or whatever the politicians do with it.

The politicians evidently prefer to see that criminals and people with mental problems be allowed to purchase any and all kinds of firearms at the traveling gun shows rather than risk losing the NRA money.

As a former Fremont County resident, I say maybe our politicians should have been paraded by all of those small children in Newtown, Conn., to see what a 7-year-old boy with 11 bullet holes in his chest looks like.

I feel we have a U.S. Congress loaded with political cowards.

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