After Prom party was a success, both for students and parents

Apr 30, 2013 Dennis Graham, Riverton


Thank you, Riverton parents, high school staff, and participating businesses for sponsoring another fantastic post-prom party at Riverton High School.

More thrilling than the straight flushes that Scott Pettit dealt at his Texas hold 'em table was the simple excitement of waking up late the next morning and seeing our kids safely back in their beds.

Only a parent can explain this relief.

I live sufficiently close to U.S. Highway 26 to hear the ambulances and police cruisers scream out of town on their way to another car wreck. Especially in the late hours, the sirens are ominous reminders to me that I have teenagers. This sickening noise is something I have never grown accustomed.

But great events like After Prom (and the upcoming Operation Graduation) ease parenting anxieties.

Further, an especially heartfelt thanks goes out to the Fremont County District 25 Superintendent, Dr. Terry Snyder. Terry kept the attention of a table full of sleep-deprived partiers while dealing blackjack until well after 3 a.m.

I appreciate his in-touch attitude at our high school.

What an asset Dr. Snyder has become for Riverton.

To the Riverton businesses who were instrumental in the success of After Prom, thanks so much.

Your support will not go unnoticed.

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