Problems with the football team aren't all one-sided

May 1, 2013 Mike Marshall, Riverton


It is obvious that the old adage is correct. There are two things that everybody is an expert on -- politics and athletics. We see expert advice daily in the press about politics, and now we are lucky enough to see expert advice from parents, relatives, in-laws and others on how to run the local football program.

As an outsider looking in, it looks like there has been conflict for some time. The head coach made some personnel moves. The remaining coaches didn't like those moves, so they chose to execute a coup d'état.

Please be aware that I don't have a dog in this fight. I go to games and support all the kids and all the coaches. I even sometimes question officials or second-guess coaching decisions. See? Even I am an expert about athletics, and I probably can't kick a football 20 yards. But apparently my qualifications (none) are enough to voice an opinion.

The "experts" all want to know why three coaches were released. As is the custom in any organization, those things are not released to the public. Parents, if you want the answers, ask the departed coaches to make public why they were released. There are two sides to every story, but I am sure these coaches do not want their reasons for departure to be made public for all to interpret in different ways.

Everybody mentions the quality of people the assistant coaches are and all the things they have done for the kids. I am sure they are quality people, but I didn't hear anybody say how great it was for the kids when the four remaining coaches quit on the program and quit on the kids. Would we congratulate an athlete for leading the team because he or she didn't like the coach? I doubt it.

Over the last two years, three RHS assistant coaches have been suspended for at least two games, and now three coaches have been non-renewed. It will be interesting how this pans out, but what the kids may learn from the resignations is that if things don't go as you like, take your ball and go home.

Good luck to the next coach wants to discipline a coach or player. With the actions that have taken place, I hope the learned protocol is not to have a tantrum and walk away.

Again, I am not taking sides, but I think everybody involved has to look around and see that everybody has blood on their hands.

Now let's see if those involved can resolve these issues so we no longer have to hear from us "experts."

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