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News on the radio

May 2, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

Ranger stories now can be heard daily on KTUG radio as well

The Ranger makes a low-key entry into the world of radio newscasting with the debut of the "Ranger News Brief" on FM station KTUG this month.

After some test runs over the previous couple of weeks as technical issues were ironed out, the two- or three-minute newscast began its regular schedule Monday.

It's not an elaborate audio experience, just enough to satisfy the wishes of station management to have a news presence on the air, and enough to help The Ranger expand its reach a bit.

The technological method of preparing and delivering the newscast to the station has been eye-opening. After an initial period of training, it has become a seamless process that makes it easy on both the newspaper and the radio station, which was a comfort to both sides as the enterprise was growing from idea to implementation. The details are dull to outsiders, but suffice it to say, a lot is possible these days.

The concept of newspaper news on the radio is nothing new, but oftentimes around the country it has been of a less-cooperative nature than it is in this case. A favorite magazine cartoon that adorned the previous Ranger editor's bulletin board showed a radio newscaster wearing a headset and sitting at his microphone reading the newspaper, as sign behind him flashed "ON AIR: NEWS."

Many years ago, a long-departed radio news man on a now-defunct radio station in Fremont County would rush to The Ranger office every afternoon around press time to grab that day's edition so that he could hurry back to the radio station and begin his newscast, which consisted almost entirely of reading that day's Ranger headlines on the air. We wouldn't have minded it all that much, to be honest, if only he had credited us as the source. An amusing highlight came one afternoon when, in his haste, the radio news man accidentally read the name of former Ranger editor Dave Perry on the air as he began his newscast.

For the most part, The Ranger has had a cordial enough relationship with radio news people in town through the years. There have been friendships and collegial alliances among us in the news trenches. More than once a Ranger reporter has left our newsroom to take a job in another news medium. That is the case with KVOW/KTAK news anchor Leslie Stratmoen currently. She is not the first, and she may well not be the last.

Our fledgling affiliation with KTUG, which occupies the radio frequency 105.1 on the FM dial, is a cooperative one from the start. You can read more about it on today's Ranger business page and, if you have an inclination, can tune in at 8 a.m., 9 a.m., noon, 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. to hear what it's all about.

We appreciate the opportunity to expand our news reach to the airwaves on our own terms. The new radio newscast, combined with our prize-winning news website, enables us to demonstrate our intention to make Ranger news available on multiple informational platforms to the news consumers in Fremont County --all while maintaining our unswerving, 64-year commitment to publishing Fremont County's daily newspaper. That is the foundation of it all, and it will continue to be.

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