Hunter Big Medicine

May 3, 2013 Staff

Hunter Big Medicine died Thursday, April 25, 2013, at Riverton Memorial Hospital.

Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 4, at Blue Sky Hall with Gary Chingman officiating. An evening service and wake will be at 7 p.m. Friday, May 3, at Blue Sky Hall. Interment will be in the WallowingBull Cemetery at Ethete.

His grandfather gave him his Indian name: Little Rabbit.

Hunter Vance Big Medicine was born April 25, 2013, at Riverton Memorial Hospital, the son of Deni Lorane and Dustin Vance Big Medicine Sr.

He is survived by his brothers, Little Joe Antelope, Dustin Big Medicine Jr., Sterling Black Jr., Devon Big Medicine, Little Bear White Antelope, Duante and Jason Quiver Jr., Koltyn Groesbeck, Tommy, leland and Jacob Whiteplume, Sky, Jonathan and Elton Quiver, Trent, Treyvale and Anthony Big Medicine, Harland and Jesse Addison, Skyler helbert, Tayen and Tayshawn Edmo, Blake Tanner, Deric and Daniel Azure, Dillon, Daryon, Liem and Lathim Hereford, Sean Wadda and peyton Fletcher, Shawn Antelope Jr., Shannon, Mato, Makplyato and Kyleleonard Amos, Brian Two Crows Jr., Colton Belt and Lester Antelope Jr.; sister Cherish Black, Jola and Stella White Antelope, Sienna Big Medicine, Erika and Shonesy Antelope, Rachel Black, Denissa and Tawny Elk Boy, Jolene Brewer, Honey Amos, Amber Two Crow, Alissa Quiver, Andrea, Cynthia, Elizabeth, Skyla and Grace Whiteplume, Shyed, Destiny, Shawnte and Jaelyn, Kalinda Big Medicine, Big Joe and Stella Antelope, Mike and Victoria Quiver, William Carpenter, Melvena and Gloria Quiver, Basil Tanner, Billy and Susan Crazythunder, Sandra Brown, Anna Werito, Archie and Connie and Hiram Big Medicine, Theresa and Tara Bell, Lyle, Mary, Lois and Marliss Quiver, Chub and Maryann Whitemouse, Wilbur and Celinda Morrison, Debra and Roger Frazier, Bernice and Stan Thompson, Sarah and Butch Martinez, Charlie and Joetta Brown, Chris, Dawny, Edna and Clifford Morrison, Cindy Antelope, Eldred Lee, Judy Brown, Ardith Addison, Myra and Augustine Ridgely, Ben and Adillia White Antelope, Amile and Annie Quiver, Archie and Agnes Big Medicine, Mary Alice Addison, Harvey, Marlin, Theron and Terry Spoonhunter, Alrita and Alvin Talks Different, Tillie Jenkins, Joseph and Lillian White Antelope, Clifford and Elizabeth Morrison; aunts and uncles Edion, Jake, Lilly, Lee, Ramona and Nick Whiteplume, Jason, Delray, Felica and Deidra Quiver, Tyla Trumbull, Annie Whiteplume, Krey, Groesbeck, Kristie, Doug and Stefan Big Medicine, Randy and Kelly Means, Sheila Moss, JD Hereford, Lil McBride, Tylynn Edmo Moss, Jerod and Marley Tanner, Stephanie and Derick Meeks, Heather hereford, Floyd Azure, Jolynn and Grant Fletcher, Irene DeHaro, Horace SunRhodes, Mariah Brannan, Debbie, Lester, Shawn, Tonya, Wendell, Jason, Robert, Theresa, Fred, Flora, Donald and Denise Antelope, Shannon Amos Sr., Joni Two Crow, Reynold Hereford, Rita King, Elizabeth Goodman, Roby Hiser, Brook Conley, Bill and Dana Hiser, Dawn Graham, Jude Jenkins, Marsha Blackburn, Precious and Preston Lee, Felicia, Katie and Andrew Whitemouse, Daniel Two Bulls, Jessica, Elayne and Maxine Morrision, Daniel Amber, Philip and Pearl Frazier, Maggie, Nancy and Ben Miller Jr., Martina, Christina, Patricia, Vina, Carmelita, Jeremiah and Carols Martinez, Agnes, Misty, Taggart, Esther and Sarah Morrison, Charla Johnson, Elijah and Lisa Whirlwindhorse, Justin and Charles Brown Jr., Jolene, Andrea, Tony, Hiram, martha, Sharon, Philip and Oliver Addison Jr., and Julia Coulston; and the families of Quiver, Addison, Spoonhunter, Behan, Friday, Antelope, Bell and Big Medicine.

Services are provided by Wind Dancer Funeral Home.

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