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U.S. POWs had it worse

May 5, 2013 - Martin Cannan, Riverton


I think before we get all concerned about how "badly" Mr Mihara and his family were treated during their internment during World War II, we need to consider how brutally American prisoners of war were treated by their Japanese captors.

Consider the Bataan Death March, being worked to death in Japanese coal mines, starvation diets, the lack or total absence of medical care and supplies, and the torture and murder of American POWs just for the amusement of their Japanese guards.

I am not sure those conditions compare with being forced to use communal washrooms and restrooms, eating in a common mess hall, or not being able to shop in certain downtown Cody stores.

I would be surprised if any American POW you asked would not have traded places with Mr Mihara in a heartbeat. I am not so sure the reverse would be true.

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