Food in a bag

May 9, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

It's easy to donate a few items to Stamp Out Hunger this Saturday

Can you spare a can or two of soup or vegetables? A jar of peanut butter? A couple of boxes of cereal or rice? A package of spaghetti?

If you can, then you can help Stamp Out Hunger.

We use the capital letters deliberately, because Stamp Out Hunger is the name of Saturday's hunger relief effort coordinated by the National Association of Letter Carriers and U.S. post offices around the nation.

In Fremont County, it's easy to participate. Just place a bag of food items to be donated next to your mailbox Saturday, May 11, before the time your mail carrier normally arrives.

Your carrier will pick up the bag when he or she delivers your mail and take it to the post office, where it will be weighed before being delivered to participating food banks in Riverton and Lander.

If you get your mail at a box at the post office, then just take your food donation to the post office lobby. Someone there will be ready to accept it.

It is an unpleasant thought, but hunger does exist in Fremont County. More people than we know miss meals every week, even every day, because they can't afford otherwise.

That's a bad thing. But there's also a good thing, coming in the form of well-organized food banks that accept, store and distribute food for those who need it.

The food banks -- and, through them, the hungry citizens of Fremont County -- depend on the generosity of individuals, service clubs and businesses to keep the shelves stocked so the banks can do their important work.

If you are heading to the grocery store in the next day or two, please consider adding a couple of extra items to the shopping cart, then offering them Saturday to the Stamp Out Hunger effort. And if you can't make it to the store, chances are there is something from your own cupboards that could aid the cause.

One more thing: Stamp Out Hunger asks that food in glass containers not be donated, and please don't use the food drive as an excuse to get rid of food with an expired use date.

The post offices and letter carriers have made this just about as easy as it could be. Do your small part Saturday and help Stamp Out Hunger.

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