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Smokers, dropping cigarette butts anywhere and everywhere is littering

May 9, 2013 - Shirley Pursel, Riverton


Riverton is a beautiful place to live. However, everywhere I look there is an abundance of the cigarette butts at the entry doors of businesses and the flowerbeds were volunteers work.

Really, smokers? There are ashtrays in every car and at most entrances of businesses.

Cigarette filters last forever and do not decompose. If you like them at the entrance of your own home and in your personal flowerbeds, you have the right. Everywhere else it is litter.

It is fulfilling to be a part of the volunteer community in our city, but it is not fun picking up your personal trash that can be taken care of by each smoker.

When you throw your trash out the window, do you think "who is going to pick this up for me? "

I do not throw my gum wrappers for others to pick up, so please stop pitching your butts everywhere.

You have the right to smoke, but littering is illegal. I am surprised that adults have to be reminded of this so often.

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