Next Riverton football coach has some real rebuilding to do

May 10, 2013 Matt Grosz, Riverton


I see the point of the person who wrote a letter that the football coach trouble in Riverton had more than one side. But what nags at me is what happened that drove off pretty much the whole coaching staff since the new coach got here. A lot of people would like to know.

I think the head coach did the right thing when he resigned, but there is damage done to the football team and program.

Now I truly wonder who will want to take this job. Who would want it after all of this? I hope everyone understands there was a lot of damage done, and so there is a lot of rebuilding to do also. It will take the right person to do that.

When the new superintendent of schools was being hired, there were meetings with the public so people could get an impression of what the job applicants were like and how they would fit in and get along here.

As an example of that, I think we did a very good job in that whole process that got Dr. Terry Snyder hired as superintendent.

Do you think the same kind of thing would ever happen with the new head coach? Maybe that would help, to have a "meet and greet" with some of the candidates for coach that the public could come to and talk about how to heal old wounds. They wouldn't be trying to tell him how to run the offense or anything like that, but they could talk about community and team spirit, etc., in light of what has happened.

I have lived in two towns in Wyoming and three in Montana before that, and I don't remember anything like this ever happening at other places I lived. It is unique to me. I just think everybody wants to have a good feeling about how this is going to be solved with the new coach and other steps.

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