Proposed CWC plan would result in new athletic director

May 10, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

The Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees heard about plans to restructure the school's athletic department during a special budget session this week.

The revisions would put Steve Barlow, CWC's assistant dean of student services, at the head of the department, serving as athletic director. All coaches would report to him, as would a new athletic coordinator who would replace the department's current administrative assistant.

"We're looking to eliminate that (administrative assistant) position and replace it with one with an upgraded professional status," CWC human resources director Jennifer Rey said during the Tuesday meeting. "The athletic coordinator (would be) a step up in terms of qualifications and credentials."

She said the coordinator will assist with student eligibility documentation. Last fall, officials discovered that two of CWC's women's volleyball players were ineligible to participate in National Junior College Athletic Association sports. As a result, CWC had to forfeit all of its women's volleyball victories for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons and was not permitted to play in last year's Region IX 2012 volleyball tournament.

An investigation later revealed another student on the volleyball team may have violated similar rules, though officials couldn't confirm her eligibility. And an additional audit of all student-athletes over the past six years showed one international student who played for the CWC men's basketball team during the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 seasons also had been ineligible.

Rey said the coordinator also will assist in providing support for the school's booster club for rodeo and for athletics in general as well as help with logistics and scheduling for athletic events and activities.

Ten-month contracts

Rey said 10-month contracts will be put in place for coaches of the school's rodeo, volleyball and basketball teams.

"We have coaches for each sport who have been at different grades and terms of contracts, stopping and starting at different times, or (with) different functions," Rey said. "We now (will) have 10-month contracts for each coach."

Until now, Serol Stauffenberg has been both director athletics and head coach of the women's basketball team. His wife, Tiffany, is the women's volleyball coach.

CWC president Jo Anne McFarland added that she would like to see every coach teaching in a classroom as well.

"We're looking at 15 (credits) over the year," McFarland said.

Rey said "some of that is happening now," but on an ad hoc or adjunct basis.

"We're looking at if you're currently performing instruction, how do we wrap in involvement in the academic environment?" Rey said.

The contract for the school's instructor for exercise science also will be reduced to 10 months Rey added.

"(That's) based on analysis of some activity that happens in the position and the timing of being able to support the athletic season," she said.

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