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Why weren't legislative audits taking place before 'the Hill bill,' not afterward?

May 12, 2013 - Darlene Dahlin, Riverton


The AP article in your May 4 edition, "Mead chides GOP leaders over criticism of Hill bill," in which Gov. Mead is reported to have said that the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee acted too hastily in approving a resolution endorsing a petition drive to repeal the state law changing the powers of the state superintendent of public instruction, raises a lot of questions in my mind:

Why did Gov. Mead sign the bill without chiding the Legislature about being too hasty in fast-tracking a bill that nullified the vote of the people?

Why didn't the Legislature pursue an audit into the finances of the education department before it chose to push forward?

Is the audit the Legislature has directed going to include an investigation into management of the agency's finances prior to Hill's election?

Why didn't Gov. Mead create an independent inquiry into the operations of the agency before he signed the bill into law instead of after a lot of public outcry?

It seems to me that Gov. Mead's desire for "a baseline on what has taken place there, where we are today, and what we need to avoid in the future," should have been the first step in the debate over Senate File 0104.

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