Good problem and solution

May 15, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

Beginning today, The Ranger has a second 'Community' page every week.

Here's a good problem for a newspaper to have: More local news than page one can handle every day. It sure beats the opposite condition.

We have a good solution as well: We're adding a second "Community" page each week.

The first one appears on page five today. It replaces the Wednesday food page, which has been a fixture in The Ranger since 1987.

We'll use Wednesday's Community page for general news and photographs with a slightly different flavor from the Community page familiar to readers on Fridays. We plan to keep the weddings, engagements, anniversaries, honor rolls, military achievers and other regular features of Friday Community pretty much in place on that day.

The Wednesday page will carry more general news items and photos that might well have appeared on page one -- but only after too much time had passed. The idea of leaving quality news stories idling in a page one file for more than a couple of days doesn't sit well with us, so we're creating more space inside the paper each week to accommodate that news.

Wednesday Community also is likely to have a "coming events" theme much of the time.

We're hopeful that readers will find Wednesday Community a place to turn for information on coming events with a bit more detail than in our daily coming events listings in the "Today" column and the comprehensive listings available at and in EXTRA!. Summer intern Andee Novotny's work will be a cornerstone of the second Community page. Her internship will focus on coming events.

As for the food page, never fear. This summer we plan to provide a weekly food feature in the Sunday Diversions section. It's a natural topic for Diversions anyway, and with the summer hiatus of the Student of the Week page there is space readily available for food coverage -- and it just might be in color too.

Come fall, we'll reassess Wednesday Community and Sunday Food to determine the best way to go forward permanently.

We have a productive news staff, with 10 people working on local news every day, and we need to give their work faster exposure to our readers. As of today, the new Wednesday Community page will begin to make it happen.

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