Sheriff's office celebrates employees

May 16, 2013 From staff reports

Officials at the Fremont County Sheriff's Office celebrated National Correctional Officers and Employees Week during the first full week of May, when they recognized and thanked the officers and civilian employees who keep the Fremont County Detention Center running on a daily basis.

"These men and women are often overlooked as they work tirelessly behind the scenes in the big brick building at the end of Amoretti Street," Fremont County Sheriff's Office Lt. Kathy Mosbrucker said in a press release. Jobs in the detention center aren't "glamorous," she continued, and employees there receive little public recognition.

"They are rarely thanked for their service by those that they are charged with watching over and keeping safe," Mosbrucker said. "They see the members of our community when they are at their worst, during a very stressful time in their lives, and still treat each individual with dignity and respect."

She said detention center employees can be called upon to spend long hours functioning as counselors, jailers, "and sometimes even just a shoulder to cry on." Mosbrucker added that the staff members work 12-hour shifts and often spend weeks away from homes for training.

"We appreciate every job they do, from the cooks (and) the detention staff, to the men and women who control each and every door," Mosbrucker said. "The Fremont County Sheriff's Office certainly recognizes the outstanding caliber of employees that work at the detention center and thanks them for their service to this community."

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