Boards need volunteers now for crucial work

May 20, 2013 Steff Kessler, Fremont County Commissioner, Lander


Since I've been a county commissioner, I've been impressed with the time and dedication that our county board volunteers commit to serving Fremont County.

These boards are an integral part of local government. These citizen board members provide guidance and leadership for our libraries, museums, county fair, solid waste, subdivisions and planning, historic preservation, tourism marketing, weed and pest control, predator control, and recreational funding.

They often make hard decisions; they travel the county to interact with constituents from different towns; they spend hours reviewing budgets and planning documents.

They serve as the first line of support for county staff working in these programs, and, as we all know, they sometimes take the heat when there is a complaint.

These volunteers bear a tremendous responsibility for us - as fiduciary and programmatic stewards of a phenomenal array of services, facilities, staff and millions of our tax dollars. Also, we are grateful to the many businesses and work places in our county that provide these volunteers time to allow them to meet these commitments.

Serving on these boards also builds a wealth of civic understanding within our citizens. Volunteers experience hands-on training regarding our budgeting, staffing, and public programs. Most importantly, we need the public's input to assure that our county services are attentive and responsive to public needs. We need this citizen leadership for the "big picture" perspective. These boards provide important policy direction and vision for our county.

We have several county boards that are recruiting new members. These include the Museums Board, Library Board, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Commission and the Wind River Visitors Council.

I encourage residents to consider serving on one of these boards. See a list of current members and meeting times at Applications can be obtained at the courthouse or by contacting Becky Enos there at 332- . Deadline is the end of this month. Please consider becoming part of our great county team.

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