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Raises in budget for treasurer and assessor
Fremont County Treasurer Scott Harnsberger asked for a 1 percent increase for his budget in a hearing with Fremont County Commissioners on May 13. Photo by Eric Blom

Raises in budget for treasurer and assessor; budget flat otherwise

May 28, 2013 - By Eric Blom, Staff Writer

The Fremont County treasurer and the assessor budgets being proposed for fiscal year 2014 request only small increases in funding.

Both elected officials included scheduled raises for themselves and will decide on salary increases for their staffs later.

Several department heads and two elected officials recently have presented budgets with raises for their staff.

In a hearing this month before the Fremont County Commission, Treasurer Scott Harnsberger requested only a 1 percent increase, bringing his proposed budget for fiscal year 2014 to $688,000.

"Most of the increase is attributable to the treasurer paying for service agreements previously paid for by information technology," Harnsberger said.

He did not include raises for his staff because some elected officials agreed to set raises for their staff after the commission had seen budget request from all county entities.

Personnel costs make up more than 86 percent of the treasurer's budget. Harnsberger's own salary will climb by $2,500 to $73,750, though the raise was not up to him. A 2010 resolution from the Fremont County Commission set out a schedule for raising elected officials' salaries for four years.


In a commission hearing the next day, Assessor Tara Berg asked for an $875,000 budget, a $7,000 increase from last year. Part of the budget is a $2,500 raise for the assessor, which also followed the 2010 commission resolution.

Berg did not include raises for her staff in the presented budget. In her written request, she also stated some elected officials agreed to wait to ask for staff raises.

The assessor's service agreement line item increased $5,000 in the proposed budget.

At the meeting, Berg said that money would be a one-time fee for a firm to provide maps of property sales, which the assessor's office is required to have. The State of Wyoming previously provided those but eliminated the service recently because of budget cuts, she said.

Berg also wants to raise one salary of an appraiser and data analyst position by $4,000, bringing it to $36,500, she said, but she did not include the raise in her proposed budget.

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