Couple to give a 'Meet the Samaritan' presentation

Mar 16, 2012 Staff

"Meet the Samaritan" is the title of a presentation by Kurt and Susanne Schafli of Riverton set for 6:30 p.m. Friday, March 23, at the Little Theater at Central Wyoming College.

The Schaflis have visited Jericho, Ai, Samaria, Shechem, and other places of biblical significance.

"In this presentation, the Schaflis 'join' Josua and the Israelites on their conquest of the promised land," Kurth Schafli said. "You can 'visit' Jericho, where there is historical evidence and archaeological evidence that the walls did fall down at harvest time, that the city got burned, and that a house in the wall remained standing.

"Meet Abraham, Elijah, Herod and finally Jesus at Jacob's Well, where he met the Samaritan woman."

Schaflie said 760 Samaritans still live on Mat. Gerizim, where they observe the biblical passover every year.

The program features an extensive slide show to accompany the discussion.

Admission is free, but a goodwill offering will be accepted for those wishing to contribute.

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