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Lower wolf hunt quota right idea temporarily

May 31, 2013 - Anthony F. Duarte, Riverton


I would like to comment about the newspaper editorial from earlier this month about hunting quotas for wolves, and the responding letter from Mr. Ron Collins.

Mr. Collins pointed out an error in the editorial, but I expect that the writer was responding to news coverage which touched on hunting results in specific zones, rather than the entire licensed area.

In some areas, the wolf quotas were met fully and very quickly. This is what the state's wolf managers are concerned about, which I took to be the point of the editorial as well.

The point is not a Trivial Pursuit question about which quotas were filled where, but actually about how many wolves should be hunted this year. I have shot some deer during my life, but I don't expect I'll ever hunt a wolf. I thought about what I read, and I concluded that I agreed with the editorial's position that's the second time around this year should not be an all-out, gung-ho, hunting season.

As the editorial pointed out, we are supposed be in this for the long haul. The idea is to hunt just enough wolves to keep the numbers down, and just few enough to make sure that they don't go down far enough to have to be relisted again as endangered. This, I believe, is a wise move for Wyoming, and probably will be next year, too.

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