CWC ups minimum GPA requirement for scholarships

Jun 3, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

In 2014, students will have to maintain a 2.5 grade point average or higher to be eligible for the support.

Beginning in 2014, students seeking scholarships from Central Wyoming College will have to do a little better in school to be eligible for the support.

Math instructor Mike Bostick, a member of CWC's scholarship committee, said the group evaluated its overall philosophy this year to better align itself with the school's strategic goals. Part of that evaluation included an increase in the minimum grade-point average required to obtain a scholarship from CWC.

Bostick said scholarship students currently must maintain a 2.0 GPA, but in 2014 they will have to keep their average at 2.5 or above. If the rule had been in place this year, officials said three students would have gone without their scholarships.

"It doesn't make a (big) difference," Bostick told the CWC Board of Trustees this month.

He explained that the scholarship committee uses a ranking system to help determine which students receive funding. Usually, Bostick said, the students chosen are academically motivated.

"We don't get students at the top of our rankings that have less than a 3.0 (GPA) really," Bostick said.

But the change could have an effect on CWC's athletic program.

"We spoke with the athletic coaches," Bostick said. "They didn't see it as a problem for current students, but they thought there might be some issue with recruiting new students."

He said the group talked about alternatives for low-scoring athletes interested in enrolling at CWC. For example, the school's booster club could offer funding for someone whose GPA had fallen below 2.5.

"The booster club could give them a way to get into the college," Bostick said. "Then once they establish themselves as good students, we could give them the academic scholarship for the next semester."

He pointed out that other entities, like the CWC Foundation, are free to give scholarships to any students they choose.

"They set their own GPA's," Bostick said. "Or a donor can come in and say, 'We want this (money) to go to students who have a 2.0.' ...We don't have any impact on those."

Board members affirmed the scholarship committee's decision, particularly when it comes to athletics.

"I personally would like to support the academic portion for our athletes," trustee Heather Christensen said.

Trustee Nichole Schoening agreed that the move was a step "in the right direction." She said the school should strive to look at more than standardized test scores when considering a new student.

The board voted unanimously to approve CWC's scholarship package as presented for fiscal year 2015.

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