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Ten from RHS intend to balance college and athletics
Riverton High School seniors who are planning to extend their high school careers in college or summer all-star games include, front row from left, Kade Salisbury, Xavier Webb, Kristen Bailey, Karissa Kister, Tanner Carrico and Aaron Nirider. Back row, Lane Savage, TJ Galey, Jordan Bellville, Dawson Steeds and Seth Quayle. Photo by Wayne Nicholls

Ten from RHS intend to balance college and athletics

Jun 4, 2013 - By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

Going to college is a huge decision, and continuing your education while competing in intercollegiate athletics is a ton for anyone's plate.

We're pleased today to extend our best wishes to the following Wolverines and Lady Wolverines who, according to the RHS activities office, are hoping to continue to play sports while taking on the challenge of being a student in college:

Kristen Bailey (volleyball) Northwest College, Jordan Bellville (football) Black Hills State University, Tanner Carrico (rodeo) Central Wyoming College, TJ Galey (football) Montana State University, Karissa Kister (soccer) Northwest College, Aaron Nirider (golf) Eastern Wyoming College, Kade Salisbury, (basketball) undecided, Lane Savage (football) Fort Lewis College, Dawson Steeds (football) Black Hills State University and Xavier Webb (basketball) Sheridan College.

College students get plenty of advice from many sources. Our bonus advice is for students, and especially student athletes, to not be afraid to make the most of failure. It's a tough enough task to succeed academically, but it's a tall challenge to report to the team when you know that the caliber of your teammates is likely as good as, or better than, any you have yet to compete with or against.

Resist the temptation to give up even though it's likely that you will experience some kind of difficulty along with your success. You may not see the playing field for years.

You've heard it before: When you fail, reassess. And hang in there.

What is your job if you are wanting to become a student athlete in college? If you have to prioritize, what is most important to you as you begin to experience a new-found independence? Is it your sport that is most important to you? Is it your classes or your social life? What if you have class at the same time practice is scheduled -- the only time the class is offered and, you discover, you need that class to continue in your major?

When will you get to play Xbox knowing that you have to go to class, go to practice and study in the evening when your buds seem to have extra time?

What if your only chance to stay in college means you have to keep your athletic scholarship even though your degree is far more important to you than your sport? What will happen if you start to care so much about your sport, that your grades suffer?

What if you're not successful in your sport? Do you have a plan B? Most experts say you ought to.

So much to think about. So much balance to discover.

What if you learn to manage it all and succeed in class and on the field?

A friend of mine once said, "In dreams begin responsibility" in a high school speech, quoting a famous poet.

The opportunity for success is right at end of the laces attached to your Addias Adizero Crazy Light 2 Trainers and in that thing called your brain that sits right above your neck.

That, of course, is the grand goal. After a successful academic and athletic career in high school, it's especially admirable that 10 former Riverton High School competitors are ready to extend their athletic careers while, at the same time, making a statement that they want to succeed in a college classroom or lab.

It's been a privilege to cover this year's Riverton area sports teams. Thank you for letting us watch your high school sports career. We're proud of your accomplishments

Have a great sports week. Go Big Red!

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