With Good's retirement, sheriff's office adopts undersheriff structure

Jun 4, 2013 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

The resignation of Fremont County Sheriff's Capt. David Good has resulted in a restructure of the law enforcement agency, including several promotions among longtime employees.

First, former Sheriff's Capt. Ryan Lee now answers to the title of undersheriff, marking a transition to a new organizational style for the agency.

"I work directly under the sheriff," Lee said Friday. "I'm responsible for operational oversight of the entire office."

Previously, he shared those duties with Good. But Lee now will have the support of three lieutenants who previously served in other roles within the organization.

A different version of the undersheriff setup has been used before, but not in recent years.

"Historically we haven't had the lieutenant positions we've created," Lee said.

Specifically, he said, the sheriff's office has never given one person direct control over the county's entire patrol division. That responsibility now lies with Patrol Lt. Darwin Glasgow, previously a senior patrol sergeant for the sheriff's office.

"That is a countywide patrol area (now)," Lee said. "(He'll manage) all three different patrol areas within the county."

Sheriff Skip Hornecker said Lander Patrol Sgt. Dan McOmie will assume senior sergeant duties in patrol, supporting Glasgow in that area.

In addition, Lead Detective Sgt. Bill Braddock has been reassigned as the county's investigations lieutenant, Hornecker said, and Kathy Mosbrucker will remain as the detention administrator lieutenant with additional responsibilities.

Hornecker said past undersheriff systems in Fremont County have not functioned well, primarily because of the geographic and demographic makeup of the county. But the sheriff thinks this restructure will be successful, largely because of the creation of the three lieutenant positions.

"We have not only named Lee as the undersheriff, but we have moved three other long-term individuals into a mid-level management position in an effort to shore up and strengthen the administrative side of operations," Hornecker said.

Other changes

Carl Freeman, the lead employee in the county's communications center, now will serve as public safety communications director, also with added responsibilities. And Hornecker said the sheriff's office may have to "back fill" some vacated positions with deputies specifically designated to perform vehicle identification number inspections, serve court documents to residents and address dog-at-large concerns.

"The restructure provides an opportunity to address the main areas we have identified as creating the majority of calls for service," Hornecker said. "There also is the option of redirecting unused funds from the sheriff's administrative budget into the other main budget areas that need a boost, such as the communications section."

He cited three objectives he hopes to meet through the agency's restructure. First, he said he would like to strengthen and spread out the administrative sections of the agency. Hornecker also wants to maintain a positive, transparent community connection to the agency, and he hopes the restructure will implement a more cost-effect method of doing business at the sheriff's office.

Lee indicated that the system has been effective since it was put into place May 6.

"Things are working as expected," Lee said. "I anticipate (the sheriff's office) to continue to operate with the same efficiency."

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